Lower Richland Alumni Foundation

The Lower Richland Alumni Foundation incorporated itself February 2017. The initial vision and purpose was to create an organization that would serve as a support and a resource hub for the schools and community of Lower Richland at large working to improve the general overall conditions and quality.

During the first year of inception the Foundation monitored key areas of the community such as the educational system, workforce, medical concerns, affordable housing and quality of life within the area. During such time priorities of the needs within the community were discussed and plans of implementation and sustainability were created. Since the first year of the Foundations inception a multiplicity of resources and sponsors were identified and activated to begin the work of this organization.

A variety of selected graduates of the Lower Richland community high school were identified and brought to the table to discuss community wide concerns and the role the foundation would play in addressing these concerns from a vested community persons standpoint. Through these monthly conversations the need to target key events within the community were brought forth in marketing and branding the Foundations core purpose. Meetings and discussions were held with local school leaders as well as community leaders to introduce and gather support of the Foundations existence and mission. Since that time the Foundation resurrected the “Annual Diamond Festival” one of the midlands few family oriented and clean air friendly community events, which was birthed by Lower Richland graduate Sallie Lakin and continued through the Lower Richland High School PTSA led by Cheryl Harris also a Lower Richland graduate which served as president during that time. This event alone raised nearly $10,000 in scholarships for graduates of Lower Richland High School which were awarded at the festival held June 2018. During the 2018 festival Sallie Lakin was the inaugural recipient of the “AIA Award” (Alumni In Action Award) this award is one of the highest honors to be bestowed upon a Lower Richland High School Alumni. Secondly, the Foundation gained the oversight of the “Lower Richland Annual Alumni Tailgate” which would continue to serve as one of the largest alumni funded and supported events in the midlands.

The Foundation will launch it’s first “Lower Richland Alumni Black and Gold Gala” which is scheduled for November 2018. During the 2019 year the foundation will conduct an aggressive Alumni Foundation Membership campaign which will serve as the initial roll out of the Foundations future goals and objectives to strengthen and build capacity within it’s schools and community at large working to improve the general overall conditions of the community of Lower Richland.